My 10 Style Commandments

They’re completely subjective, but hopefully not as ridiculous as Kutcher’s. I didn’t realize it’d be this difficult to do, but it was fun thinking about them. Drop me notes in the ask box if you agree/disagree/have comments. 

1. No wrinkles. Iron your shit in the morning. Wrinkles throughout the day? Fine. Don’t go to work looking like you slept in your clothes. Unless you did. In which case you better have one heckuva story prepared. 

2. When all else fails, dark denim (raw, selvedge, washed, Target brand, who cares), a white crew neck, and a pair of well worn sneakers won’t. 

3. Every man should have these types of shoes: brown lace ups (captoe/oxfords to start, wingtips after if you’ve got the dough), black dress shoes (versatile enough for interviews and formal events), suede bucks (white and/or sand suede), a pair of desert boots, and a canvas sneaker. You’ll get through anything and everything with these. 

4. Speaking of shoes - NO SQUARE TOED ANYTHING. EVER. STOP. If you think it may be too square, it probably is. Don’t buy it. Ladies - slap your men for doing so. 

5. Hats are great and a gentlemanly thing. But wear them only if your face allows it. Some of us can pull it off, some of us can’t. Be aware of your sartorial limits (including but not limited to, hats/caps).  But always, ALWAYS, remove said cap when indoors and in the presence of a lady. 

6. Personality is a must. Whether it’s color blocking, pattern mixing, or wearing an extra piece of mewelry, do you. Don’t be afraid to shine a little brighter because you think you may stand out. That’s the point. Be yourself, clothes are an expression of who you are just like the songs you play on your iPod. (yes, that Miley Cyrus song does say something about you. And I’m judging.)

7. Own a great watch. Doesn’t have to be worth $109347098234, but it has to make you smile when you put it on. Only assholes posture with their watches. There’s beauty in simplicity. 

8. ALWAYS: Tuck in your dress shirt. SOMETIMES: Tuck in your sports shirts/polos NEVER: Tuck in just a t-shirt

9. If you grow out your facial hair, be diligent as hell with it. Just because you look like a caveman, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the proper tools to make sure you at least look like a well put together caveman. 

10. Lastly, FUCK THE RULES. Be comfortable. Look great. Be you. You wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you.