Team Americano

The thing I find incredibly yawn and anger-inducing (at the same time) about the #menswear tag in tumblr is that it’s just a bunch of white men wearing clothes of “Western culture”, which most likely had its origins from white people exploiting PoC.
I hate how everybody fawns over these people as style icons without even realising the kind of racism they’re perpetuating by doing so. The white men in these photos (apart from that one dude who we can’t even see in the back) are benefiting from such racism and they’re making names for themselves from it. Yeah, I’m pretty fucking mad right now.

This response annoyed me. I’m Cuban and about as far from racist as you can get. English was my second language and I’m damn proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish thanks to my parents immigrating here in the 60s. Since when do clothes imply some sort of bull shit historical connection to exploitation? You’re telling me that a shirt/collar/jacket style was created solely for the purpose of a white man exploiting cultures from Africa or Asia? That shirts were made fuller in the body so that a white man could act all whitey and have full range of motion when professing his awesome whitey-ness on the lesser people? C’mon. While clothing is attached to cultural nuances, it certainly does not imply nor represent actions taken. That is a foolish, foolish comment. 
If you don’t like it, don’t re-blog it.