Ragosta fucking the entire game up at Pitti.

So good. 

Bridget Hall

Non-Stop Travel Inspiration via Flight001
Shouts to @mrsuitsupply for the quick turn around on the tux. I was the only guy wearing velvet slippers (navy blue no less) on the red carpet. (By #deltoro) (at Cannes Film Festival)

Spalla Convessa with extension, done right.  
Triple patch, triple sleeve button configuration, collar buttons undone, and tie boner.
Luciano is #menswear

If I could dress like one man when I’m old and gray, it’s Luciano. Dude has never lost a step. 

I like this

Oh yes. Me too. 

July - Look 2
Susie Parka, Alva Eyelet Top, Ali Crop Pant, Angel Wings Layering Necklace, Mackage Raffie Satchel

I had the pleasure of meeting Bekah when she was in town for the shoot and she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. You look gorgeous Bekah! 
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How To Pack A Suit

Men of Style - Musician Nick Waterhouse


I’m all for a Cuban heel if you’re, you know, professionally dancing salsa and/or disco. This seems a bit aggressive, but I wouldn’t be mad if it sticks again. My 5’7” self could use the inch or two. 
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