Most of the gardens have been modernized, but water still plays a central role in all of them— an element the moors held in high regard.  #vscocam (at La Alhambra)
Let the pictures of La Alhambra begin. #vscocam (at La Alhambra)
All along the watch tower. #vscocam (at GRANADA)
The walk down to La Plaza de Bib-ramblas #vscocam (at GRANADA)
They just don’t do cathedrals like they use to. #vscocam
The moors could really do ceilings. #vscocam
A view from the highest point in Sevilla — la giralda, Catedral de Sevilla #vscocam (at Catedral de Sevilla)
This doesn’t even do them justice. #vscocam #meermin
Jon Baptiste and co.  —a few of my favorite things into Pokerface. Ridiculous. #vscocam (at The McKittrick Hotel/Sleep No More)
Williamsburg rooftops. The view from brunch Sunday. #latergram #vscocam
Her accent is the sexiest thing about her.